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April Fools Jokes on forums

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    April Fools Jokes on forums

    What are your views on these?

    Generally I dislike them. Most people seem to go with making 'spoof announcements' that their forum is closing, or being sold. Apart from lacking any imagination or wit, such things are risky, as people can believe you.

    Another 'ripping jape' is giving all members a two hour ban....yeah, hilarious....

    The only one I ever did, a few years ago, was add a 'Ban User' button into the post bit...styled to match my other buttons of the time...and it linked to a simple php script that output a standard vB-style message saying "Thank you. The poster concerned has been banned for one hour". However, it didn't ban anyone at all. It just output the message.
    I didn't announce this, I just let people discover it on the day, it took a couple of hours for people to realise it didn't actually do anything.....