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The state of the admin niche market

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  • The state of the admin niche market

    Back in the day, we only really had two proper admin forums....TAZ and Admin Addict.
    The Admin Addict closed and we had TAZ, Admin Extra and Admin Talk.
    Then Admin Extra closed, and Admin Talk was abandoned. So we only effectively had TAZ.
    TAZ now corners the market yet it's much quieter than it used to be.
    TAZ also banned some of its more vocal, active posters which hasn't helped matters. And it is perceived as very 'pro-XenForo', but not in a good way.
    Now Paul's Admin Hub is gaining some traction which can only be a good thing.

    I realise there have been other, smaller admin sites along the way, but I think I've covered what were deemed the 'main players'.

    What I do notice, is that all these sites largely recirculate the same pool of members. Working where I do, I *know* there are lots of new forum owners starting out, and also people with fairly new forums who are doing ok. Yet none of these people ever post on admin niche sites, it's always the 'usual crowd' (in which I inlcude myself). Why is this? What trick are all these sites missing? Why can't they attract new people?